Vodafone Missed call alert

Vodafone Missed Call Alert full info Activate or Deactivate 2020


Vodafone Missed Call Alert

Hello, friends welcome to another new post of ours. We will tell you in this post. How can you activate the Vodafone Missed call alert or you can also get information about deactivating Missed call alert from this post. I will tell you very easy ways with which you can also activate and deactivate Miss Call Alert. deactivating you want to get all these information then read our this post complete.this

Activating a missed call alert is going to benefit you a lot because the missed call alert service is very good. Service is why most people keep this service active. If you do not know about this service, let me tell you if your phone out of coverage area or switched off. The call details at that time will all be sent to you and you can also know your caller number. This is the benefit of Missed Call Alert service. If you want, you can activate your missed call alert by reading this post.

Some people want to deactivate Missed call alerts for some reason and if they do not know how to deactivate this service, then they search this question on Google. If you are visiting, then in this post I will tell you how you can deactivate a missed call alert, so keep reading this post.

Vodafone Missed call alert Activate

If you want that you also activate a missed call alert, then I am telling you some ways through which you can activate the missed call alert.

1st way to activate missed call alert

For Prepaid Customer;

Missed Call Alert Activate by SMS so you follow this instruction you can easily activate missed call alert your sim.

  • Send SMS as ACT MCI to 144

2nd Way to Activate missed call alert

For Postpaid Customer;

You are a Vodafone Postpaid Customer this way for you. You follow these instructions and very easily activate missed call alert service on your Vodafone sim.

  • Send SMS as ACT MCI to 199

If you want to activate the Vodafone missed call alert activate by you in the USSD code, then I am also telling you this method because it is very easy to activate any function with the USSD code. That’s why most people search for this method.


Using this USSD code and activate your Vodafone sim missed call alert very easy to way.

3rd Way to Activate missed call alert

This is the Last way to activate missed call alert and the very simple way anyone activates missed call alert by using this way. This way is IVR Number, I also provide you 1 IVR Number.


Vodafone Missed call alert Deactivate

Many people deactivate the Miss Call Alert for one or the other reason. If you are also one of them, then read this paragraph completely. I will now tell you that Miss Call Alert how to do deactivate Miss Call Alert. I will tell you some ways by which you can easily deactivate the missed call alert. I will tell you a very easy way you can do it easily.

  1. Only prepaid Subscribers; CAN MCI and sent SMS to 144
  2. Only Postpaid Subscribers; CAN MCI and sent SMS to 199
  3. This is the Last and very simple way Send to SMS to 155223

Information Vodafone Reverse missed call alert

Many people don’t know what is the reverse Missed call alert service, I also write here How you can activate/deactivate Vodafone Reverse Missed call alert.

  • for Postpaid customer Vodafone; You can activate reverse Missed call alert by sent Sms ACT RMCI to 199
  • For prepaid customer Vodafone; you can activate reverse Missed call alert by sent SMS ACT RMCI to 144

This is the Last way to activate reverse Missed call alert on your Vodafone sim Use USSD code *888*982# and use IVR Number 12384

Deactivate Vodafone reverse Missed call alert

  1. For prepaid Vodafone customer; Sent SMS as ACT RMCI to 144
    1. For Postpaid Vodafone customer; sent SMS as ACT RMCI to 199

Or you can send SMS Stop or dial 155223

  • Also Visit the official page:- Vodafone

Vodafone Missed call alert Video

Last Word

I have tried to give complete information about Vodafone Missed Call Alert in this post. If I have missed any information, then you will comment on us. I will definitely reply to your comment. If you want, you can contact us. We will write the post of your topic, which will help you a lot.

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