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Paytm Business Merchant account and Other All Information 2020

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Paytm Business

Hello, friends welcome to our new post. Today we will give you a lot of information about Paytm Business through this post. This question many people are searched very much on Google. In this post, I will cover a lot of questions and answer all those questions as well. You read the post in its entirety so that you also know a lot of information about this question. If you have a visit to this post by searching this question, then you read this post completely so that you get the answer to your question.

If you have a visit to our website for the first time, then I told you. We provide very good information on our website online Help Here. If you want, you can always visit this s website from us, you will get lots of information from time to time and you will always be updated. We provide all information absolutely free.

Paytm Business Customer Care

If you need a (Paytm Bussiness Customer Care Number) for any reason, I will give you a Customer Care Number in this paragraph. You can solve any problem by talking to them. A lot of people don’t know that too for free. That’s why I told you this. If you also do not know the customer care number, then you read this paragraph properly so that you too know the customer care number so that it is good for future Support.

  • Number :- ☎0120 4440 440

Create Paytm Business Account

I will write here how to create P***m Bussiness an account in step by step, so you will have to take a little care because miss this information can be very wrong. That’s why you are reading this information correctly.

1. On your phone Screen And open play store application

2. Tap the search box and type “Paytm Business” after click Search

3. after Installing Application Open that

4. Frist Select the Language and click Continue Button

5. Next Click the “Get Started” after Allow All Permission ( Also Read )

6. You see on your screen 1 box tap that and enter here Email/Phone number ( But Email or phone number already registered paytm wallet Not now you don’t login their.

7. After Fill Email or Phone Number click next after few seconds Received you OTP Fill the OTP in the Boxes then click Next.

8. Next Step Select Category Tap the “Accept Payment Using QR”

9. Next Step Fill Prosnoal Details like Pan Name, Pan Number, Display Name, Business Category, Bussiness sub-Category, Account Number, IFSC Code, Add Bussiness Address, and Finally Tap “Sing up to accept payment”.

10. Now Finally Create Your Account, I hope you read this Properly

Paytm Business App

Friends, did you know that there is also a Pa*tm business app. Through this post, you will learn a lot about this application. I will also give information about this application further paragraph. Please read all paragraph carefully so that you understand all my things.

You can install this application absolutely free from your mobile phone. It is very easy to install. Just as you install others, you can install it as well. I am giving the link of this app below. You can install this application directly by Google play store from there.

Paytm Business Account Login

If you also want to login to your account and you do not have any information about it, then I give you information step by step in the same way. Please read it carefully, you also understand very well.

  1. On your Phone Screen And open Paytm business App
  2. Select the Language, Then Slow the Permissions
  3. Enter Phone Number or Email Address ( Enter the same ID You already registered Account)
  4. Few Seconds After Received OTP Fill the OTP And Click Next
  5. Now You Correctly use this Step You easily Login

Paytm Business Account Charges

You use the Pa*tm Business Account application and you want to know what is the charge of this application, then in this paragraph, I will also answer this question, which will help you a lot.

  • Charge or Fee:- 1%
  • GST:- 18%
  • MDR or Merchant:- 1%
  • Apply Beginning 04-05-2020

Paytm Business More Info Video

If you want, you can watch this video because I may have received a lot of information in this video. After watching this video too, you get a lot of information and also get answers to many of your questions. So I recommend it. You must watch this video. Now you can get even more information.


I think I have given you all the information about Paytm Business App through this post. If I have missed any information, then you will definitely comment on us. We will definitely answer your question. If you want, you can get us posted, which helped a lot of people. If you liked this post, then you will definitely share it with your family and friends.

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