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Mobile Hang – Full Information and How to Solve Hanging problem

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Mobile Hang

Hello friends and welcome to our post. Today we will tell you about the mobile hang problem when a lot of people hang mobile, then they search on many platforms to solve their mobile hanging problem by writing how to solve Smartphone hanging problem. If you too have come to our this post by searching this question, then let me tell you. Your question will be answered in this post full details. You should also read this post. After that, your mobile phone can never hang.

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Smartphone hangs for a lot of reasons for a lot of people. Many people’s phones are very old. That is why his phone starts to hang and the phone of many people is new then he starts hanging the phone. That’s why most people get upset about this. But if you read this post, your phone will never hang because in this post you will be told the 5 best ways to solve Smartphone hanging problem, and using this way you can solve your friends or family Smartphone hanging problem.

Mobile hang

Mobile Hanging about

Many people do not know. Why their phone hangs Let me tell you that your phone hangs due to your mistakes. If you want to know what mistake you make, if your phone hangs, then read our paragraph because in this paragraph I will tell you. What mistakes do you make, because of which you have to face so much frustration?

  1. Your Mobile Storage always Full
  2. Using Mobile on Charging
  3. Many Applications use and not delete using data
  4. Etc

There are all the reasons why your phone also starts hanging. If you do not make all these mistakes, then your phone will never hang. If you have made all these mistakes then I will tell you further. How can you solve all these mistakes? Regardless of your phone. You can solve your hanging problem in this article.

Which Mobile does not hang

If you want to buy a new phone and are searching. Which phone does not hang, then I will give you the answer to this question also in this article. If you read this paragraph because in this paragraph I will give you the answer to this question, which is very important. When you buy a new phone for yourself, that’s why you should gather information first. After that, you will buy a new phone.

Checklist Functions Available or not

  1. Storage Minimum 32 GB
  2. Ram Minimum 3 GB
  3. Processor Good quality

Whenever you buy a new phone or buy an old phone, You also check these 3 functions because such phones mostly do not hang. But you may a bit more cost. But if you buy these types of phones, then there is very little chance of your phones start hanging.

Mobile Hang Problem solution

Now I will answer the most important question that will be of all of you. You Read this paragraph, you Can fix the phone. What if your phone hangs? This time, with this article helpful, you can make your phone absolutely normal.

Delete not of use Files

Yes, friends, you have to delete the non-working files from your internal storage. I will tell you which files you want to delete.

  1. Delete Videos
  2. Delete Photos
  3. Delete others Files

Let me tell you that your phone should always have 3GB of internal storage Empty. Your phone will be a very low chance to hang.

Delete not of use apps

Friends, let me tell you which app you do not work with. Delete that app because if you keep more installed on your phone, then your phone will start changing very quickly, and let me tell you that you will not install any cleaner app on your phone. This will save your phone space.

Don’t Install the attractive application

I always see. Many people installed the theme launcher and wallpaper application on their phones. Always but let me tell you that with all these applications your phone’s CPU becomes very low and your phone gets slowed very quickly and when your phone becomes slow, you are very frustrated. So I will recommend that you do not install any unnecessary application.

Move Apps in External SD Card

Move the application in your memory card as much as you can as it will keep your internal storage have space. This will a very low chance of your phone hanging and your phone will work very fast. This is a very good way with which you can solve your phone hanging problem.

Change your (SD Card) Memory card

If your memory card becomes old, then your memory card works much slower than before. This can also cause your phone to start hanging. So change your old memory card and use the new memory card in your phone.

Exit Proper any application

If you use an application and do not have a proper Exit from it, then when you open another application, your phone will be slow. Therefore, I also recommend that from next time on any application you can properly exit.

Restore or Switch off Few time your Device

If you want, restore your phone. Restoring will delete all files on your phone. This will make your phone completely new. If you do not want your data deleted, then you should switch off your phone for 24 to 48 hours. This will also fix your phone and will not hang much.

After Hitting not use Mobile phone

When your phone becomes hit, then you stop using your phone and keep the switch off or screen off for some time. When your phone becomes normal, you can use it again if you want. If you use your phone hit too, then your phone will hang very much and may happen, Your phone may be damaged

Mobile Hang Resolved Video

Mobile Hang Software

If your phone is hanging too. If you want your phone hanging problem to be solved through some software, then I am telling you the name of two very popular software, with the help of which you can solve your phone hanging problem. No.1 Task Manager, No.2 Greenify both software are excellent. You can use this software. Hanging resolving on your phone.

  1. Task Manager                    Install By Play store
  2. Greenify                              Install By Play store

Mobile Hang Problem Solution App

If you hang a phone and you want to solve the hanging problem of your phone with the help of apps, then if you want to read on it, because in this paragraph, I will tell you about very popular applications. With the help of which you can solve the hanging problem of your phone and all these applications are free. You will find it in the play store. You can resolve your phone by installing this application.

  • Clean Master
  • ES Task
  • Task Killer
  • Etc

Mobile Hang Problem

The phone hanging problem occurs for many reasons. I have already given many reasons name why your phone hangs. If you do not know about it, then you will go up and if it read on you. This will give you more information.

Why Mobile Hang

Your phone hangs for many reasons. I am giving you some reasons for which your phone hangs. If you fix all these reasons then your phone will never hang.

  1. Internal Storage Full
  2. Many apps installed
  3. Mobile use for a long time
  4. Not Exit any application properly

Last Word

I tried this article mobile hang. Let me give you complete information about this question. If I have missed any information, then you will comment on us. I will definitely answer your question. If you have any more questions, you can contact us. We will write a new post on your question which will help a lot of people. If you like this post, then you will definitely share it with your family and friends.

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