Idea Missed call alert

Idea Missed Call Alert How to Activate or Deactivate 2020


Idea Missed Call Alert

Hello friends and welcome to our post. Today I will tell you how you can activate the Idea missed call alert and how to deactivate it. Many people ask this question on Google. So I thought that I am writing a post on my website about this question, which will help many people.

If you also find this question on Google, then read this post completely because in this post you will get a lot of information which you will not know.

Missed call alerts are activated by many people because sometimes they are outside their mobile phone coverage area or switched off, then they get an alert message when a call comes in their phone. With this, they also know the caller’s number. This is the advantage of missed call alert if you also want to activate the missed call alert in your phone, you read our full post.

If a lot of people do not know about this function, then let me tell them that idea Miss Call Alert is a great option for you. You must activate this option. If you do not know how to activate a missed call alert then read this post completely because I will give you complete information about the missed call alert in this post.

even if you are upset with the missed call alert and want to deactivate it Read on because in this post I will also tell you the process of deactivating missed call alert.

How to Idea Missed Call Alert Activate

Now I will tell you how you can activate the idea missed call alert. After this, I will tell you. You will be able to activate the missed call alert. That’s why you read our post completely because if you miss single information, then maybe you make a mistake.

You can also activate idea missed call alert by Calling VAS number, and very easily activate this service. I will also write here the VAS number.

  • To Activate missed call alert Dial 55715

You dial this VAS number and call upon to connected follow the instructions and activate your idea sim missed call alert.

After Activate this missed call alert service After the missed call alert service starts, your phone will be in the noncoverage area or switched off. You will also send a message on your sim. You can know your caller number with the help of that message. This is the benefit of missed call alert service.

Idea Missed Call Alert Charge

Many people do not know that the Missed call alert service also charges you and when the balance is deducted from their balance, they ask customer care why our balance was cut but let me tell you that I Missed call alert Charge and I will tell you how much it charge.

  • Idea missed call alert Per day Change Rs.30

Idea Missed Call Alert Video

You can also watch this video is very helpful for you I recommend you watch this video.

How to Deactivate Idea Missed Call Alert

Many people want to deactivate missed call alerts for some reason and they search this question again and again on Google. If you are one of them, then read this post of our website completely because I will tell you in this paragraph. How can you deactivate a missed call alert service?

I will also tell you 2 ways to Deactivate missed call alert very easy steps.

1st Way to deactivate

If you want, you can also deactivate the missed call alert through the message. I am telling you step by step how you can deactivate the missed call alert through the message.

SMS as Stop to 155223

2nd Way to deactivate

You can also make a missed call alert deactivated by calling.

Alternative call to 155223 to stop value-added service

  • Also, visit the official website IDEA

Last Word

I tried in this post that I can tell you the complete information about the idea missed call alert. If I have missed any information, then you must comment on us. I will definitely reply to your comment. If you want, you can contact us and get the post written according to your wish, so that you can get help.

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