How to use Phonepe

How to Use Phonepe, Transection, Mobile Recharge, Account Create Etc (2020)


How To Use Phonepe

Hey, guys welcome to my new post today I will give you complete information about How to Use Phonepe. So’ you need to information about this question or related other questions so please read this full post.

Basically, Phonepe is an Online Payment Application. This is an Indian most using app, many people always use this app for Recharge, Bill payment, Ticket Book, DTH Recharge, Etc.

This Application has many features for Most use. I hope you also use this app because this application is very popular in India. I always use this Application. This app performance very much.

Flipkart Phonepe App is UPI Based app, which you Help this application your payment in your bank account to another Bank without sharing Any Details.

How to Create New Phonepe Account

Do you know how to create a Phone new Account In this post I will give you full information step by step? After reading this article you can easily create a Phonepe new account. First, you need to install the Phonepe App.

  • Your Phone number is registered in your bank account
  • Good Internet connection
  • Add your bank or UPI for using Phonepe
  • A needed Debit card or Credit card

Phonepe Account create Step

Step 1:- Frist needs to Phonepe App Open the Google Play Store or Apple Store and tap to search Bar and search “Phonepe” And install the app (I will also provide the app link click the Green Button)

Step 2:- After installing the App Open the application, Allow all permissions (also read) Verify your phone number (be sure your Phone number is registered in your bank account and that Sim card able on your Smartphone)

Step 3:- Enter the required details Like Name, Email address, And enter the 4 digits password for Activate your Phonepe Wallet (Do not Share Anyone Password)

Step 4:- Click to create a new Virtual Private Address (VPA)

Step 5:- Only Select Your Bank Account to link bank, This app automatically Fetch bank details. And also confirm that Details.

Congratulation Your Phonepe Account is Successful Created Now You can easily use the “online payment app” and also money Transfer or received directly on your bank account without any changes.

How Many Payment Option on PhonePe

Phonepe have 3 payment option you can use this on your own account Albostly Free. This 3 payment option provides Phonepe for easy Payment.

  1. Link Bank Account
  2. A debit card or Credit card
  3. Phonepe Wallet

How to add bank account on Phonepe

Step 1:- Open Menu, Tap the top right corner on your home screen

Step 2:- Click the bank account option, And Tap the ” Add New Bank Account” Button

Step 3:- Choose the Bank You want to add the Phonepe Account (Here Many Bank Available) Tap the Bank

Step 4:- Few Seconds After Phonepe will Fetch your bank details, You only conform the Details

Step 5:- Set the UPI pin by tapping the UPI pin Button

Step 6:- Now Enter the Debit card / ATM card details Last six digits number and Expiry date

Step 7:- Enter the OTP and set your UPI Pin

Step 8:- Your bank account is successful add on UPI or Phonepe You can transfer Money By UPI pin or using Debit card or Atm card

How to remove Bank account from Phonepe

This is a very simple way to remove the Bank account on PhonePe. but most people don’t know how can I remove Bank account from Phonepe I will write here best and simple steps to remove Bank account f Phonepe

Step 1:- Open the app and tap to “My Account” Option

Step 2:- Click Bank Account then you will show all your liked Banks now tap to the bank account you want to remove on PhonePe

Step 3:- You show on pop up box Unlink click here

Step 4:- Now particular bank account remove on your Phonepe Account

Do you feel article helpful Questions About How to use Phonepe

How to use Phonepe information by video

How to transfer money another Phonepe user

Step 1:- Open the Phonepe application (Then Enter your Phone Screen lock)

Step 2:- Click the “To Contact” Option on Transfer Section

Step 3:- Click the keypad button then enter the Mobile number or Bhim UPI ID

Step 4:- Tap the send Option and Enter Amount then tap send button

Step 5:- After all Fill your UPI Pin and click ✔ Button

Congratulations, Few Seconds wait your transaction will successful complete

Bank Balance Check By Phonepe

In the Phonepe helps you can check any bank Balance easily and under a few seconds. you can check your bank balance by following a few simple steps. you want to know that step so read properly.

Step 1:- Open the Phonepe application (Enter the Screen Lock)

Step 2:- Tap to Bank Balance Button (You will show all your liked Banks)

Step 3:- Tap the Bank You want to check bank Balance

Step 4:- Now Fill the UPI pin and click the ✔ Button

Step 5:- On the pop up your phone Screen Show your bank Balance

Send or receive Using Phonepe QR code

Transection Send Using QR code

Step 1:- Open the Phonepe application (Enter the Screen Lock)

Step 2:- Home screen Show top right Frist QR code Scanner tap here

Step 3:- Scan the QR code then automatically open another screen

Step 4:- Enter Amount and choose the bank account you want to pay then tap “Pay” Button

Step 5:- Fill UPI Pin and click ✔ Button

Congratulations your transaction is Successful. This is the very simple and easy way to pay anyone without any changes

Transection Receive Using QR code

Step 1:- Open the Phonepe application (Enter here Screen lock)

Step 2:- Tap your Icon Top Left corner

Step 3:- Click the ” My QR code” Option

Step 4:- your phone Screen Show Phonepe QR code you can use this QR code Receive Payment

Mobile Recharge Using Phonepe

Friends you have a Phonepe Account then your mobile recharge is very easy but many users don’t know how you can mobile recharge using Phonepe. So now I am writing here all the easy and simple steps for mobile recharge using Phonepe.

Step 1:- Frist of all Open the Phonepe application ( Enter Screen lock )

Step 2:- On home screen (Recharge & Bill Pay Season) Show “Mobile Recharge” Option Tap there

Step 3:- Tap the Search box and Search Name or Enter Number then click the Number show on Search box Down

Step 4:- Chose Operators Next Critical Next Enter Recharge Plan Amount After all Tap to “Recharge” Button

Step 5:- Enter the UPI Pin then tap the ✔ button and wait few seconds your Recharge is Success

I hope, in this Article I give you answer the “How to Use Phonepe” Qustion

People Also Ask

How can I Send money by Phonepe?

  1. On Home screen hit send Option
  2. Chose back account / VAP Number you want to send money.
  3. Enter Amount and choose the bank you want to transection
  4. Tap Send and enter UPI Pin

Can I transfer money from Phonepe to Bank account?

  1. Open the Phonepe application, then hit “To Account” Option
  2. Click on “Add Account” Button next enter all bank details You want to transfer money.
  3. Details Like Account no, Account Holder Name, IFSC Code, fill all details click the Confirm
  4. Enter Amount and choose bank account (default) after all Tap Send
  5. Open new Screen Enter UPI Pin and click Arrow button, Your transaction will Success Few Second

How do you a make phone Pe?

  1. Install the Phonepe application on Play Store or Apple Store
  2. Verify your Mobile number ( Alert:- this number is registered on your bank account)


I hope I will give you all the questions answers related “How to use Phonepe” but I miss any questions so please comment me I will definitely reply with your question answer and you like this article then please share this w your friends and family.

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