How to use Mobikwik Supercash

How to use Mobikwik Supercash (New Tricks) 2020- Online Help Here

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How to use Mobikwik Supercash

Hello Friends, Welcome to our new post in this post. I will give you All the information about how to use a supercash in MobiKwik. you want to know information about this question in full details so read this post completely.

Whenever you do any transaction through the Mobikwik application, your Supercash will be used for 5%. Similarly, you can use your supercash with the help of many other categories.

Supercash Use By Recharge

Friends you want to know how to use the super cash of MobiKwik on using mobile recharge and you don’t know how to use Mobikwik Supercash on using mobile recharge.

I will write all the steps on how to use supercash in MobiKwik in mobile recharge time. So read all the steps completely.

How to mobile recharge by Mobikwik

  1. On the phone screen and open Mobikwik Application
  2. Then Tap the Mobile Recharge Option
  3. Enter mobile no or choose Mobile no tap Enter button
  4. Next select Recharge plan or Tap Recharge plan
  5. Next click “Apply a Coupon or Supercash” open next page tap Apply Supercash
  6. After following all the steps then now 5% money less on Supercash and This is the way to use Mobikwik Supercash by mobile recharge
  7. Finally, tap the “Make Payment” button and complete the payment.

Mobikwik Supercash Use Convert to Cash

This is the very simple and easy way to convert your Supercash to Wallet Cash. And most of the features in this process “Scratch card” you want to convert your Supercash to Wallet Cash read all the steps on how to do it.

  1. On your phone Screen And open the Mobikwik Application
  2. And Top right corner show the Wallet option tap here
  3. The wallet page shows the Content to Cash button click the button
  4. Next page tap “Use 10 Supercash to Buy” this Button (now less 10 Supercash and buy 1 scratch card after the tap Button)
  5. next, automatically open the next page and you scratch the card and the card show amount will add you Mobikwik wallet
  6. This offer only available per month 1 time

Mobikwik Supercash Use By Voucher

This is the best process to use very fast Mobikwik Supercash this process is very simple and easy. you can use the method very easy on your Mobikwik account. you want to use this method so read the all steps completely.

  1. On your phone Screen And open Mobikwik Application
  2. Then tap the Offers option
  3. The next page show Top center “Redeem Supercash” tap the option
  4. tap “get disconnected voucher using Supercash”
  5. 2 options show on your screen
  6. 1. Use 50 Supercash to get Rs. 10 Voucher
  7. 2. Use 100 Supercash to get Rs. 20 Voucher
  8. You can select anyone you want
  9. you can use the voucher Mobikwik any payment Like Recharge, Dth, Etc.

I hope you know most information. If you like the article, then read the next paragraphs

Mobikwik Supercash Use By Gift Card

  1. Open the Mobikwik application and tap the Gift card Option
  2. Then select the platform you want to buy Gift cards
  3. Next, Enter the plan and also tap “apply Supercash” Option
  4. Also Read:- This method use you can use your Supercash 3% to 8%
  5. Complete all processes then you can buy the Gift card.

How to use Mobikwik Supercash Video


I hope you get all the information about How to Use Mobikwik Supercash you have any other questions so please comment us I will definitely reply with an answer or New article

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