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4 Ways How to Block Jio SIM – All info by full details (2020)


Hello, friends welcome to our other new post. Today we will tell you how to block Jio SIM. Many people search this question many times on Google. So I thought if we answer this question on our website, it will help a lot of people. If you are also one of those who search this question on Google, then read this post completely because we will give a full answer to your question in this post.

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Many people want to block their Jio SIM due to many reasons such as their SIM is lost. So he wants to block his sim and he does not know how to block jio sim. Therefore, he searches by writing how to block jio sim on many platforms. In this post, I will tell you all the ways. How you can block your jio sim This will be a very simple way that will help you a lot and if you want, you can also resume your block sim with the help of this post.

  • How to Block Jio SIM Online
  • How to block jio sim another number
  • How to block jio sim by Customer care
  • How to block jio sim by nearest Jio Store

How to Block Jio SIM Online

In this article, I will tell you 4 ways with which you can block your Jio sim. If you read this post completely then you will know 4 ways by which you can easily block your jio SIM anytime. In this paragraph, I will teach you how to block online jio sim.

In the present time, a lot of people run the internet. So most people would prefer to block their sim online. So I thought, first of all, I How to block online Jio sim Answer this question.

Sim Block process Online

  • Login you’re My Jio Official website Link Here:- My Jio
  • After login ” Click the Top right corner ” ( Your Name ) and next click ( My account ) option
  • Next Click  gear icon ( Setting )
  • Next click the ( suspended and resume ) Option
  • Next click “Allow” button and select your reason why you want to block your jio sim
  • Next click the (Suspended) Option
  • You do this complete process right your jio sim was blocked within 15 minutes

I think with the help of this process, you have learned the process of blocking online jio sim. If you want, you can know more process by reading this post.

How to Block jio sim another number

If your phone is lost, a lot of people search on Google on how to block our jio SIM. From another number, in this paragraph, I will also give you the answer to this question. I am giving you a number. So with the help of this, you can block your sim from another number. By giving some information too, like your Full name, date of birth, father’s name, after this information, your jio sim will be blocked easily.

1800 88 99999

How to Block Jio SIM By Customer care

If you want, you can also get your Jio sim block with the help of customer care. You just have to call customer care and they easily block your jio sim. I will tell you the further process.

  • First of all, you call the Jio customer care this number 199. You follow the instructions and Divert you call Customer assistant
  • After Divert your call you talk to jio customer assistant and tell them your problem. The customer assistant also asks a few information like:- Your full name, Father’s name, date of birth.
  • You use this complete process right then your jio sim will be blocked within 10 minutes.

How to block jio sim by nearest Jio Store

Yes friends, if you want, you can also block your jio SIM from your nearest Jio store. I am telling you some steps with which your jio SIM will be blocked from your nearest jio store.

You go to your nearest Jio store and say to the assistant there that my phone is lost or any other region and tell them to block my SIM. They will block your sim easily.

How to Block Jio SIM Video

Last Word

I tried to give you complete information about How to block jio Sim’s question. But I have also given it. If I have missed any information or any questions in this post, then you will comment on us. I will definitely answer your question. If you like this post, then you will definitely share it with your friend or family.

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