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How to Block Airtel SIM – All Info Full Details (2020)

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Hello friends and welcome to our new post. Today we will tell you how to block Airtel SIM, this question is searched very much on Google and I think. You do not get the answer to this question. That is why you people search this question again and again on Google and other platforms. I will answer this question on my website which will help a lot of people. If you too have reached this post by searching the same question, then let me tell you. You read this post completely. This post has complete information about your question.

If you are a new visitor to our website, then let me tell you that we publish very good information on our website, which helps a lot of people. If you also need information, then you can always visit our website. You will get a lot of benefit from this website and you will also get information a lot.

If you also want to block your Airtel SIM, then read this post because many people do not know how to block their Airtel SIM and they search on some platform. I will tell you many ways in this post with the help of which you can easily block your Airtel SIM. If your phone or SIM was lost, then you must block your SIM now. Otherwise, Can something always go wrong with you?

How to block Airtel SIM or Connection

  • How to Block Airtel sim or Connection Online
  • How to block airtel sim or Connection by Customer care
  • How to block airtel sim or Connection by nearest airtel store

This all ways to you can easily block your airtel SIM but I am going to write full way or details this all steps you can also read.

How to block airtel sim or Connection Online

If you want, you can easily block your Airtel SIM online. For this, only you should know your online Airtel login details. With this, you can easily log in to your online app ( Airtel Thanks ) or website and do your Airtel SIM blocking process.

You get a logged airtel website or app and complain there whether my SIM is lost or any of your regions and complaints. Your sim will be blocked within 24 hours. If you liked this process, then you can easily block your Airtel SIM with the help of this process, because I first told online that most people use the internet and they can easily do this process.

How to block airtel sim or Connection by Customer care

If you want, you can also block your Airtel SIM with the help of customer care service. This is a very easy process because a lot of people know how they can talk to Airtel Customer Care but still, I am giving you some information, with the help of which you will be easier to block your Airtel SIM.

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I am giving you customer care numbers for Airtel customers. You will be able to divert your call to a customer care assistant by following a simple process. After that, you will talk to them and tell your region. Get the SIM blocked. He will ask you for some personal details. Like Full Name, Father’s Name, Date of Birth, or some of your documents.

How to block airtel SIM or Connection by nearest Airtel store

Yes, friends, if you wish, you can block your SIM from your nearest Airtel store and the special thing is that if you want, you can take the SIM of the same number again from the same store. But it’s paid. You can ask the shopkeeper of the same store, how much money does this process cost, otherwise, you can leave only by blocking your Airtel SIM.

If you get your SIM blocked with the help of the Airtel Store, then you will have to provide some details. such as your name, father’s name, and date of birth, You can take any one of your documents about yourself, take only which documents you using Frist time buy a sim card.

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I have given as much information as possible to you in this post. After reading this post, you will no search do how to block Airtel SIM or connection on Google. I had tried to give a lot of information about this question in this post if you answer any question to me, then you will comment on us. We will definitely answer your question. If you want, you can contact us and can also tell us any other questions you have. We will also write a new post for you. If you like this post, then you will definitely share it with your friends or with your family.

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