How to Activate Vodafone SIM

How to Activate Vodafone Sim – Full Information here (2020)

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Hello, friends welcome to our other new post. Today I will tell you about the How to Activate Vodafone SIM. This question because this question is searched very much on Google and I think a lot of people cannot find the answer to this question. So I thought if we give the answer to our website online help here then a lot of people will get help. If you also search this question on Google, then read this post, because in this post you will get all the information about your question. He will also get 100% accurate information here.

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Let me tell you why a lot of people want to activate Vodafone SIM. Let me tell you if you are an old user of Vodafone. Only 2G and 3G service will run in your SIM. Even if you have a 4G phone, you cannot run 4G internet on your phone because your SIM can provide 3G and 2G internet and you also cannot make fast calls. If you want to use all these services then you will have to update your Vodafone SIM. After the update, your SIM will also provide 4G internet and you can also use fast calls.

How to activate Vodafone Sim by Store

1. I am giving you a link with the help of which you can find out. Which Vodafone Store is near you. You can easily get your SIM activated by going there. I will give you all the information. What you have to take to the Vodafone store, which will activate your Vodafone SIM.

2. Whenever you go to get your Vodafone SIM activated in your nearest (Vodafone store), then definitely take (your phone) and (SIM card) and (account information) as all documents and SIM and mobile are required in Vodafone store. To activate your sim, when Vodafone store representative such your sim. After starting the activating process.

  • Vodafone Store Representative will do all your help as it is in store for this only. If you have any problem, you can contact them for your Sim Activate In or any other assistance. They will help you completely free.

3. You have to provide one document to activate your Vodafone SIM. I am telling you. 6 document You can activate your Vodafone sim using any one of them.

  • Drivers license
  • Medicare card
  • Passport Concession card
  • Proof of age card Student ID (University or TAFE)

A lot of people who were just searching on Google how to activate Vodafone SIM through the store and a lot of people need to visit the Vodafone store as well. With the help of this information, you can find your nearest Vodafone store, and You can go there easily.

How to activate Vodafone Sim by Online

1. First of all, you have to go to the Vodafone SIM Activate website. I am giving you its link. You can easily visit that page by clicking on that link. I will tell you the process after that.

2. You must use any one plan. To activate Vodafone SIM. But remember that whatever plan you are recharging, it should be for the monthly. You can get more information about this from the Vodafone Official website.

3. In the first step, you will ask for your activation key. Let me tell you, your activation key will be found on your SIM cover. Sim cover will be U/V 9172xxxxxx. That is your U/V number. You fill this activate number there and go to the next step.

4. Now you have to do some details like the mobile number account PIN and some documents, I am also telling you the name of their document. You can use any one of them to activate your SIM.

  • Password
  • Driving Licence
  • Medical Card

5. Now you are in the last step, in this step, you feel captcha to complete your last step. If you have done all these pprocesseswith, everyone, then your SIM will be activated in about 5 to 6 hours.

Now let me tell you how to know if your SIM is activated or not. After 5 to 6 hours you start making calls and SMS. If you get a call or send an SMS, then understand that your SIM has been activated.

How to activate Vodafone Sim by Calling

1. If you want your Vodafone SIM Activate help with the call. If you do, then you should keep some details like that. phone number, Account Pins, And sim card.

2. I am giving you a number. You have to call that number, but let me tell you this number is only for one India.


Let me tell you when you call and your call diverts, you will have to give your information with the help of your phone dial pad. I will tell you about the next process.

If you have used all these methods properly then your SIM will be activated within 24 hours.

You start making SMS and calls from your phone after 24 hours, and if your call is received or your SMS is sent, then understand that your SIM has been activated.

Many people also search on Google How to Activate Vodafone SIM by Calling I hope I will give you full information.

How to activate Vodafone Sim Video

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I tried in this post to give complete information about how to activate Vodafone SIM and I have also given information. If I have missed any information. How to activate Vodafone sim related, then you can comment on us. I will definitely reply to your comment. If you want me to write another post about other questions, you can contact us. I can write any post to help you. If you liked this post then share it with your friends.

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