How to activate jio sim

how to activate jio sim – Full Information details in here (2020)

How to

How to activate Jio Sim

Welcome to our other post friends. We give you information today How To Activate Jio Sim. Although it is a very easy task but many people, do not know this work, so I thought we would answer this question on our website, Publish. Because this question is very much searched on Google and with the help of this post many people will be helped. If you ask this question on Google too, You read this post completely. Because we will answer your questions in this post today.

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If you are a new customer of Jio, then you must be having difficulty in activating the Jio SIM. So you will always search this question on Google or YouTube or any other platform because most new users do not know how to activate Jio SIM and they take help or online help of others. If you are among them, then this post has been written for you. If you read this post carefully, then you will not face any problem in activating Jio sim. We have already written about the Jio Missed call alert. If you have not read that post then you must read it.

How to activate Jio SIM Full Process

Now I will tell you the process of activating Jio sim which is very easy. I will tell you the 2 ways, with the help of which you can easily activate the Jio SIM from your phone and you will never have to search for How to activate Jio SIM again after reading this post. The first way will be How you can activate SIM through Aadhar card and another way would be. How can you activate your SIM through PIN?

Jio SIM Activate By Aadhar card

Now I will write here a very simple way to activate Jio SIM, you also read this information very carefully. You don’t miss any information, so you don’t face any problem by activating Jio SIM.

  1. Open your phone screen and go to the Dial pad
  2. Dial the number 1977 and click the call button
  3. First, select  your favorite Language you easily understand
  4. Select the document aadhar card and also Dial on call your aadhar last 4 digit number
  5. You also Dial here your date of birth like your date of birth (1983) so dial 1983
  6. You use this complete process your jio sim Activate within 10 minutes

This is the process of activating Jio SIM from Aadhar card can be done easily by using the process of activating your Jio SIM easily. If you read this process carefully then you will never face any problem in activating your Jio sim.

Jio SIM Activate By Pin

Now I am going to write here How to Activate Jio Sim by pin you read here this information carefully, after reading this article, I hope you don’t face any problem by activating Jio SIM.

  1. Open your phone screen and go to the Dial pad
  2. Dial the number 1977 and click the call button
  3. After pickup you choose any language you easily understand
  4. Choose the activating Jio SIM by pin
  5. Now type your pin
  6. You use this process completely right your jio sim will activate within 10 minutes

This was the process with which you can activate your Jio SIM with the help of your Pin. If you cannot find your PIN, let me know. It will be found on the sticker of your Jio SIM packet. You can find there which is six digits number.

How to Activate Jio SIM Video

This video is very information full you need to watch this video this video covers your all questions and I like this video this is the best and very informative full video I recommend you watch this video.

  • Also, visit jio official website:- Open

Last Word

I thought that I should give you complete information about How to Activate Jio Sim in this post and I have also tried. If I have missed any information, then you will comment on us. I will definitely reply to your comment. If you want, you can contact us. I am giving you a link to contact me. You can write to us with any post that will help you.

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