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How to Activate Airtel Sim- All Information Here (2020)

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How to Activate Airtel Sim

Hello, friends welcome to our other post. Today we will tell you that How to activate Airtel SIM. I will tell you a very easy way with which you can activate your Airtel SIM. Many people do not know how to activate the Airtel SIM. So he searches this question on some platform. If you are also one of them then keep reading this post because in this post I will give you the right answers to your questions.

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If you are an Airtel user, then it is mandatory for you to activate Airtel SIM, because if you do not activate Airtel SIM, then your old SIM will be able to run 2G and 3G internet service. Even if you have a 4G phone. I will tell you all the process to activate Airtel SIM in this post. Even if you were in this question. If you keep reading this complete post. I guarantee you that after reading this post your Airtel SIM 100% will be activated and you will be able to use 4G internet service in your 4G phone.

What the need Activate airtel number

If you are an old customer of Airtel then let me tell you. Your SIM has become very old and your SIM can only provide 2G and 3G internet provide. Even if you have a 4G phone, but you can use 2G or 3G internet only on your phone. That’s why many people own. Sim activates and replaces 4G Sim card.

You also have a 4G phone and you also want to use 4G internet and also to use fast calls, then you have to activate your airtel SIM. After activating, you will definitely get a change in your SIM. Now I will tell you How can you activate your airtel SIM. If you do not even know how you can activate your airtel SIM. You read this post completely.

How to Activate Airtel SIM

To activate your Airtel SIM, you will first have to get a new Airtel SIM. I will tell you where to get a new airtel sim. You go to the nearest airtel Shop or care and get a new SIM from there. A new sim free of cost will be available. If you and you want, you can get your SIM activated from the caregiver or shopkeeper. But if you read this post, then you can activate your Airtel SIM by yourself.

Airtel Sim activate the process

  • Open your phone screen and go to the messaging app
  • Select the Send message option
  • Type the number 121 and write the message 20 digits number Available on your New SIM
  • Reply the message type 1 and send message to confirm
  • You send this message your old number
  • Wait to disconnect your mobile network
  • You change your sim card remove your old sim and insert your new sim card.
  • Wait a 5 minutes after switch on your phone
  • Your sim card after activating your sim offer available you simply call 51111 and register your request.

This is the very simple way to activate your airtel SIM, after activating your airtel SIM you can use 4G internet service and fast call. I hope you need this service know more information ( How to Activate Airtel SIM ) this question related also visit airtel official website:- visit now

How to Activate Airtel SIM Video

I watch this video and I see this video is very informative Full you also watch this video. This video live shows you how to activate the airtel SIM card.

Last Word

I tried to give a lot of information about how to activate Airtel SIM in this post. If I have missed any information, then you will comment on us. We will definitely answer your question. If you want, you can contact us and also written a post on any of your other questions. We can write any post to help you. If you liked this post, then do not forget to share it with your friends.

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