Airtel Missed call alert

Airtel Missed Call Alert best info Activate or Deactivate 2020


Airtel Missed call alert

Hello friends and welcome to our new post. Today I will give you complete information about Airtel missed call alert which you find on Google. If you want to get more information about the airtel missed call, then read our complete post because in this post we have given information about Airtel missed call. This information is very beneficial for you. So, you read this complete post.

If you want to learn how to activate or deactivate a missed call alert in your phone, then read this post because in this post I will also answer this question and I will answer any more questions related to Airtel missed call searching on Google. Will also give If you are one of those who search on Google about Airtel Miss call then you have come to the right website. You will get full help here.

Miss call alert activates benefits. If your phone is outside the coverage area or is switched off, then you can easily know that the call was received on your phone and you will also know your caller’s number. This is the advantage of missed call alerts. If you wish to have a missed call alert, you can also activate this function. I am giving below how to activate this function.

Activate Airtel Missed Call Alert

If you also want to activate missed call alert in Airtel, then you read here carefully because I will now tell you how you can activate Airtel missed call alert. I will tell you two or three ways from which you can activate missed call alerts. Next, I will also explain how you will be able to deactivate missed call alerts.

1st Way to Activate missed call alert

You can also activate your phone missed call alert by USSD code. I will also tell you that USSD Code. You can easily use that USSD code to activate missed call alerts.


2nd Way to Activate missed call alert

A user can easily activate missed call alert by dial IVR Number 59500 call this IVR Number automatically activate your airtel missed call alert. follow this step you can easily activate missed call alert.

3rd Way to Activate missed call alert

This is the Last way to activate missed call alert and very best way because this way through you activate missed call alert 90 days free. You can anytime Activate missed call alert in this way.

Open your phone dial pad and Dial *321*881# or *321*885# after typing this number click dial. After few minutes you receive 1 subscribe message. You also know your missed call alert is activated.

Airtel Missed Call Alert Video

I have tried very much in this post that I can give you more information about the missed call alert in words. But you can watch this video if you want. This video contains very beneficial information for you. So I also recommended that you must watch this video. It also explains how to activate missed call alerts.

  • The very helpful page you also visit:- Link

Airtel Missed Call Alert Deactivate

Many people also search on Google How to deactivate missed call alert so in this paragraph I will solve this problem please read this post carefully.

  1. The second time you dial 59500 so your phone missed call alert deactivate it is a very simple way.
  2. You have many more ways to deactivate missed call alert this is the second-way dial *321*883# your missed call alert is very easily deactivate

Last Word

I gave you as much information as possible in this post. If you want, you can visit the website for more information. You will get plenty of help there. If I have missed something, then you must comment. I will definitely reply to your comment or if you have any questions, please comment.

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